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March 28, 2016... This day has been a long time coming. After 15 years of filling in for Holy City anytime we needed the high part covered... We are extremely excited to announce that we have asked Elizabeth Person to become our full time Alto, and she has accepted!!! Every time I called Elizabeth, for the past 15 years, in need of the high part, she has been there. She has been very faithful to Holy City. The best part is she loves the Lord, she loves the people we sing to each week, and she can flat out sing a song. The other great thing is that Elizabeth, Rod, Logan, and Jason are family to us already. I think Logan was 4 months old when Elizabeth and I started singing together and now he is playing High School Baseball and getting ready to turn 16, I think. Rod ran sound for Holy City for many years and has been a great friend of mine since 2001. Not to leave Jason out... I always just felt sorry for him because he was a Duke and Eagles fan... Love ya buddy...Elizabeth has been a Holy City Family member since day one, so this just makes sense on all levels. Those of you who have been around Holy City know that we even recorded a project with Elizabeth, "Special Edition", several years ago.
I have to admit that the first time I brought her down to help us out this time, in January of 2016, there was no intention of asking her to stay on full time and she knew that. BUT... it was the first time Hunter and Chip had sang with Elizabeth. As soon as we came off the stage that night both Hunter and Chip came to me and said we need to keep her and forget about trying to find a tenor. So we all began to pray about what God would have us do and we ALL came to this agreement. We are thrilled and ready to see what God has in store.